Welcome to the SBS Art Studio BLOG!

Welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED website for the art program at South Bristol Elementary School! Please feel free to visit my old site to view artwork created in September. Using this new site I hope to post more frequently, and welcome you and your children (the artists) to leave comments. Check out the new art links to the right to explore art through museums online, fun art games, and more! Explore the abundance of creativity at South Bristol Elementary School!

K Leaf Printmaking

Kindergarten created prints using leaves and sponges!

1/2 Collage Self-Portrait

K Symmetry Butterflies

K Torn Paper Pumpkin Patch

Kindergarten created a pumpkin patch using torn paper!

K Kandinsky Colors

Kindergarten learned about the artist Wassily Kandinky and his colorful circles. We talked about using different colors next to and on top of other colors to create contrast. 

1/2 Spooky Houses

Hard at work!