K Fairy Houses

After looking at the book Fairy Houses... Everywhere! by Barry & Tracy Kane, brainstorming, and creating sketches, we went for a walk in the wood to collect material for our fairy houses.
Ethan, Page, Brett, and Payson are talking about the fairy playground they are building.
We put food out for the fairies.

Reed found this branch that was in the shape of a hook that could be used for a swing, a slide, or a whole bunch of different things.

Spencer and Ryan hatch a plan for their expansive fairy house.

Look at all the fairy food and umbrellas to keep the fairies dry!

Lexi created beds of leaves and sand dollars perfect for fairy naps.

Olivia and Reed created their fairy house using an existing rock and stump as 2 of the walls.

Look at all the fun things to do at the fairy playground! There are slides, and swings!