5/6 Vincent's Room

Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's painting, The Bedroom. Mr. B's class learned about one-point perspective to create these drawings.

3/4 Pattern Drawing

How many different patterns can you draw???

What has Kindergarten been up to?!

Kindergarten has been learning about Printmaking and texture. We have been making prints of leaves and sponges to see what the texture looks like.

We also worked together on collaborative paintings. We put leaves under our piece of paper and using crayons made rubbings of the texture. We then put watercolor paint on top of the crayon to learn about the magic of wax resist paintings. Do you remember what happens when we paint watercolors on top of crayons?

Does anyone recognize what the 3 colors students used to paint their hands are? PRIMARY COLORS! We've also been learning about how to use watercolor paints, and our primary colors!

We're always busy!

Welcome Back to the Art Studio!

An exciting year awaits us in the art studio at SBS! Kindergarten is starting the year learning about patterns. How many different patterns can we make?!?

Mrs. Nichols' 1/2 class is taking a look at landscapes. We are starting our unit by looking at the work of Paul Cezanne. What do you see in is his painting L'Estaque on the Gulf of Marseilles? Can you find the foreground, middle ground, and background in this painting?
Grades 7/8 are starting the year with our annual Peace Poster project which is an international contest sponsored by our local Lions Club. The theme this year is Visions of Peace. We start this unit by discussing what is peace, and who is it for? To see images of the grand prize winners from last year, click HERE

Mrs. Snow's 3/4 grade class is starting the year looking at patterns, lines and colors. What does it mean to repeat something? How do you make a pattern?

Mr. B's 5/6 class is going to explore one-point perspective. We're starting by learning about what is a horizon line and vanishing point as well as reviewing what is horizontal and vertical. What an adventure!

Check this site often for each project as it is completed! Please feel free to email me if you have any questions, or would just like to say HELLO at jnadeau@aos93.org

K Fairy Houses

After looking at the book Fairy Houses... Everywhere! by Barry & Tracy Kane, brainstorming, and creating sketches, we went for a walk in the wood to collect material for our fairy houses.
Ethan, Page, Brett, and Payson are talking about the fairy playground they are building.
We put food out for the fairies.

Reed found this branch that was in the shape of a hook that could be used for a swing, a slide, or a whole bunch of different things.

Spencer and Ryan hatch a plan for their expansive fairy house.

Look at all the fairy food and umbrellas to keep the fairies dry!

Lexi created beds of leaves and sand dollars perfect for fairy naps.

Olivia and Reed created their fairy house using an existing rock and stump as 2 of the walls.

Look at all the fun things to do at the fairy playground! There are slides, and swings!

Critique Day

Being able to talk about and reflect about your art is an important part of the artistic process. Students in grades 1-8 evaluated, analyzed, and tried to understand their own artwork and that of their peers in the art show this spring by having a critique. We had a good time discussing and writing about the work!

Homes for Haiti

Homes for Haiti has become an ongoing project at SBS since the earthquake this winter, student created pins and magnets to be sold at the spring art show to raise money for the people of Haiti. All proceeds have been donated to aid the Red Cross.

Spring Art Show

All students in K-8 selected 2 pieces to be shown in the art show this year. They titled their pieces and prepared them for the show by mounting them onto pieces of colored paper!

What a fantastic show! Congratulations!!!

7/8 Claymation

The Life of the Flower
by Cassie and Megan

Blueberry Twins
by Kasie and Taylor
The Adventures of Om Nom and Nom Nom
by Holly, Maria, and David

Mr. Chocolate
by Caleb, Corey, Forest, and Colin