Robert Indiana project

I am going to do something based on Robert Indiana’s “Love”. It’s not going to be exactly the same, it’s going to be just another word with an even number of letters stacked up. Instead of doing an original painting, I'm going to create a sculpture for more of a challenge. The reason that I chose Robert Indiana was because Pop Art seems really exiting and colorful so that would make it fun.

I am going to do the word “together” like this TOGE
First I am going to cut out pieces of cardboard into the shapes of the letters, and cut out the sides of the letters so its 3D. Then I am going to tape the pieces together. Next I will paper mache the letters, let it dry, and paint them. Last I will stack the letters up and glue them together.

I like the toonish look of some of his work. Some of his work is not appropriate. One of his pieces, called “Ignorance = Fear, Silence = Death.”, inspired me to create something to inspire morality. I thought I would make a comic that is spread across the school, a fun way to say be nice to others. I will probably use regular pencil and paper to make these and it could be put in the newsletter! Or the comics could be hung in a certain spot in the school! It will look like a regular

comic, with boxes dividing the different pictures.

Pictures related to Keith Haring!!! 0FT0

Frank Lloyd Wright Project by Finn

Frank Lloyd Wright was said to be the greatest american architect for his many works on revolutionary and expertly crafted architectural work. He has worked on many famous buildings and completed more than 500 of the 1000 or so pieces. So of his most known works of arts include Falling Water, Mills Run, Pennsylvania and Hillside Home School, Spring Green, Wisconsin. He has not just made houses though he has made many types of buildings including offices, churches, schools, skyscraper, hotels, and museums. Frank Lloyd is agreeably the most accomplished American architect of all time.

I choose Frank because I am interested in architecture. I thought that his work was very impressive and I especially liked his piece, Fallingwater, Mill Run, Pennsylvania (1937). I am going to make a small scale building using some of his techniques for my project. I will make it out of wood and other types of building materials.

The artist that I am researching is Louise Nevelson, she was born in Russia on September 23, 1899 and died on April 17 1988 in New York. She moved to America when her father left her mother to go to America to find better jobs. The things that I like about Louise Nevelson’s art is that her art has a lot architecture in them. Her pieces are made up of mostly found junk which I like to work with, and her art work is so amazing and attracting to me. For my art project I will be taking multiple scraps of wood, metal and anything else I can get. For the color on my art piece I will color it with one or two colors, I have not decided what colors I will be using but I do know that the colors will be very straight forward, the shape of the sculpture will be irregular and bulky.

The one piece of Louise Nevelson’s art that has inspired me is this one. Because it has so much architecture in it a

nd just looks so simple and straight forward. I really like how it starts small at the bottom and then

gradually gets bigger toward the top.

Nettie Jeanne claude and christo report and work

Jeanne Claude and Christo are a married couple, who builds beauty. They’re not famous, however they do create work that I believe is monumental. Jeanne and Christo do not except other’s ideas for creations. They believe they would be stealing an artists ideas. The couple also will not except money for their pieces. They believe that artwork carrys no price tag.
One piece that really interests me is The Gates. The two started it in 1979, and completed it in 2005. This was presented in New York City. The two added color to the big city, also attracting many. I was very inspired by this piece. They made a big simple park in a city into something unique. I decided maybe I should do something like
The Gates, at South Bristol School. If its outside or in the busy hall way.

Nettie Hoagland

Andy Goldsworthy

Andy goldsworthy

The reason I have chose this artist is because he makes all his materials seem to melt, all the rough edges fade away, and it seems unreal. Some may cause clever optical illusions , and others seem to be portals to another dimension. He uses many materials like ice, stone, sand, wood, leaves, etc. He even uses the reflection of water
to make his art pop out. I really cant wait to see if I can get these effects.

I don’t exactly know what I'm going to do because the weather is so hectic. I might do something with stones because I have some that might work. Maybe I’ll make arches
he’s made some cool arches. My original idea was to make a border of leaves around
a person to make a silhouette of them. But that didn’t work. going to do more brain storming.

Milton Glaser

I have been researching Milton Glaser. He is a graphic designer. He’s the designer of the I Love NY logo. One specific thing I like about his artwork is the was he makes his designs, some are very abstract and different and some are original but full of color.

My favorite piece was the cover of Bob Dylan’s album. My project was inspired by the Bob Dylan album design. Im going to design a picture of something or someone that has crazy designed, colorful hair. I am not sure what materials I will be using yet. But I am thinking about using paint.

Joseph Cornell


Joseph Cornell

By researching Joseph Cornell, I found out many things, but one was that he was a surrealist. In his words, “Surrealism is a style in which fantastical visual imagery from the subconscious mind is used with no intention of making the work logically comprehensible.” Cornell also says he created most of his art from subconscious feelings and thoughts from when he was a child.

Joseph Cornell lived in a frame house, collecting strange items from many sources, and fitting them together to create his boxes. Some of these include: Cockatoos and Corks, a scene in which a stuffed cockatoo sits along with many curious wooden objects, some of which are corks. In Grand Owl Habitat, Cornell constructed a scene of an owl sitting outside under the moon. One observation I made was that Cornell seems to incorporate birds in many of his boxes. My project will be a box like the ones Cornell made, most likely made out of paper mache. It will probably have a bird in it, to go with the birds in many of Cornell’s projects. It will be colorful and creative. A specific piece of art my box will be inspired by is Cockatoos and Corks. In all, Cornell seems to be a very creative, imaginative artist.