Nettie Jeanne claude and christo report and work

Jeanne Claude and Christo are a married couple, who builds beauty. They’re not famous, however they do create work that I believe is monumental. Jeanne and Christo do not except other’s ideas for creations. They believe they would be stealing an artists ideas. The couple also will not except money for their pieces. They believe that artwork carrys no price tag.
One piece that really interests me is The Gates. The two started it in 1979, and completed it in 2005. This was presented in New York City. The two added color to the big city, also attracting many. I was very inspired by this piece. They made a big simple park in a city into something unique. I decided maybe I should do something like
The Gates, at South Bristol School. If its outside or in the busy hall way.

Nettie Hoagland

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