Frank Lloyd Wright Project by Finn

Frank Lloyd Wright was said to be the greatest american architect for his many works on revolutionary and expertly crafted architectural work. He has worked on many famous buildings and completed more than 500 of the 1000 or so pieces. So of his most known works of arts include Falling Water, Mills Run, Pennsylvania and Hillside Home School, Spring Green, Wisconsin. He has not just made houses though he has made many types of buildings including offices, churches, schools, skyscraper, hotels, and museums. Frank Lloyd is agreeably the most accomplished American architect of all time.

I choose Frank because I am interested in architecture. I thought that his work was very impressive and I especially liked his piece, Fallingwater, Mill Run, Pennsylvania (1937). I am going to make a small scale building using some of his techniques for my project. I will make it out of wood and other types of building materials.

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