The artist that I am researching is Louise Nevelson, she was born in Russia on September 23, 1899 and died on April 17 1988 in New York. She moved to America when her father left her mother to go to America to find better jobs. The things that I like about Louise Nevelson’s art is that her art has a lot architecture in them. Her pieces are made up of mostly found junk which I like to work with, and her art work is so amazing and attracting to me. For my art project I will be taking multiple scraps of wood, metal and anything else I can get. For the color on my art piece I will color it with one or two colors, I have not decided what colors I will be using but I do know that the colors will be very straight forward, the shape of the sculpture will be irregular and bulky.

The one piece of Louise Nevelson’s art that has inspired me is this one. Because it has so much architecture in it a

nd just looks so simple and straight forward. I really like how it starts small at the bottom and then

gradually gets bigger toward the top.

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