Claes Oldenberg by: Jillian Page

Clothes pin, 1976
Sponge bridge and cherry, 1985-1988

Claes Oldenberg was born in Stockholm, Sweden on January 28, 1929 and is currently alive. Claes makes larger then life sculptures from paint, steel, and clay, and his style of art is Pop Art. Oldenberg’s art is similar to Andy Warhol, and Jim Dine's artwork. Claes studied art at the Yale University.

Claes inspired me with his large sculptures and it seemed so interesting to make big sculptures like Claes did. The piece of art by Claes that inspires my project is the large spoon with a cherry on it. I decided to make a sculpture and the materials that I will be using for my sculpture will be mostly clay and paint. My sculpture will be of a cat because I enjoy cats. The cat will be brown, with blue eyes, white paws, and a grey tail. My cat will not be as large as his sculptures, but it will be about the size of a real cat because I don’t have the years and time it took Claes to build his beautiful art work.

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