Dahlov Ipcar

one horse farm
Four Winter Stallions,4x4300

Dahlov was born in Windsor, Vermont on November 12, 1917. Dahlov is currently alive and lives in the Georgetown, Maine. She has an interest in printmaking, and does mostly painting. In the Farnsworth Museum Dahlov has two paintings. The paintings are A Walk On The Wild Side and Bull Of Dreams. Dahlov likes to paint farm and jungle animals. Ever since she was little she liked to paint animals.

I like that Dahlov paints animals and mostly I like her farm paintings. The painting I like the most is Four Winter Stallions. She inspires me because I like all the color she uses and that she does a lot with horses. I also like that she makes her paintings look real. I would like to do screen printing as my project for her. I think that I might put a story in the screen printing that I am going to do. The screen printing of a unicorn with the story in its body is what inspires me to do this. I am going to use a stencil and a roller or squeggie to screen print .My screen printing will have lots of realistic colors.

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